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Eastman Credit Union selects OnePartner ATAC datacenter for business continuity/disaster recovery site

May 4, 2011

Eastman Credit Union, with headquarters in Kingsport, Tennessee has established a mirrored infrastructure in the OnePartner ATAC datacenter in Duffield, Virginia. Joe Coates, Eastman Credit Union's I/T Representative, whose primary responsibilities are oversight of Information Security and Business Continuity programs indicates there were many factors involved in the decision.

Security is one of those key requisites. "We previously relied on an in-sourced datacenter model," shares Coates. "We housed the organization's computing infrastructure in our headquarters with a secondary backup site at another office location. Since both locations supported financial transactions, there was inherently strong physical security for the computing systems located in those buildings. We would not consider a transition that decreased physical security. The ATAC datacenter's security is excellent with digital video surveillance, 24x7 support/security and six proximity card access control stations protecting the server rooms."

Tom Deaderick, Director of OnePartner is pleased with this assessment, "The ATAC datacenter and staff have been through many professional audits as well as completing a SAS-70, Type II compliance audit. It's a secure facility in both process and design".

Coates is pleased with the ATAC datacenter's location as well. "The ATAC datacenter is about 30 miles from our other datacenter site. This is close enough that we run synchronous replication between both sites yet far enough that simultaneous disruptions by weather or other local events are unlikely." The synchronous replication of data between sites allows Eastman Credit Union to maintain an "active-active" operation with the ability to maintain operations even if service is disrupted to one site.

"With a historically in-sourced datacenter approach, the decision to work with a commercial datacenter ultimately comes down to maximizing capabilities within normal budget limits," says Deaderick. "Eastman Credit Union's decision enables greater capabilities overall, with less expense in the warehousing of computing infrastructure and more focus on strategically advancing the infrastructure's capabilities". The active-active architecture and the resiliency provided by America's first commercial Tier III datacenter assures members that Eastman Credit Union's commitment to data safety and security is well supported", concludes Deaderick.